MLB All-Star Game: Miami Heat Betting Props?

MLB All-Star Game: Miami Heat Betting Props?

While the pomp and circumstance surrounding LeBron James’ future team probably took 59-minutes too long (did he really need to do an ESPN special?) the world finally found out that he would play the 2010/11 NBA season with the Miami Heat.

Hoops fans in South Beach rejoiced while fans in Cleveland began constructing Lebron effigies to promptly set ablaze.

And what did online sportsbooks do? They started setting odds on betting options for the Miami Heat. wasted no time, being the first ones out the door with their Heat related prop bets.

Allow me to state the obvious: With the additions of James and Bosh and the re-signing of Wade, the Miami Heat’s chances of a title next year have increased significantly. But what about the number of championships this team can run off while they have King James wrapped up?

One of the props that SPORTSBETTING put up is this:

You can bet the Over/Under of the number of NBA championships Miami will win between now and 2015 (when James’ deal with the Heat expires). The number is set at 1.5.

So if you think they can win two championships or more between next season and 2015, get a bet in now. Or will they run into trouble and struggle to get even one?

How about Eastern Conference titles?

The O/U for the number of Eastern Conference titles won between July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2015 is also 1.5. No this one has me looking at the “Over”, as I do think they have a good chance of tearing up the East for a few years…getting by the Western rep is a different story.

MVP City?

LeBron James is the two-time defending NBA regular season MVP and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have the potential to be MVPs as well. So you can put your money up on how much hardware this trio will win as well.

The Total for the number of regular season MVP awards that go the Miami Heat’s way between July 1 of 2010 to 2015 is set at 1.5. This might be tough to get to, as you now have three players who will be relied on for offense, meaning they’ll spread around the points. This will make it more difficult for one of the group to shine enough for an MVP award.

Other Miami Heat Props:

- The Over/Under on the most regular season wins the Miami Heat rack up while the trio of James. Wade and Bosh is under contract is 66.5.

- One of the signs that you’re a marquee team in the NBA is whether you play on Christmas Day or not and to that end, the Total on the number of Christmas games the Miami Heat play between July 1, 2010 to 2015 is 4.5.

MLB All-Star Game:

While there are only future and prop action for NBA bettors, there is more relevant betting available for baseball fans with the MLB All-Star game on July 13 in Anaheim, California.

Currently, online sportsbooks have the American League favored at -120 and the National League paying out at Even money for the Midsummer Classic with the Over/Under at 9.

Along with the All-Star game line betting are proposition bets as well.

Will there be a ground rule double during the 2010 All-Star game? +175 for Yes and -350 for No.

Will there be a run scored in the first inning of 2010 All-Star game play? +105 for Yes and -155 for No.

Better yet, will there be a homer in inning one of the All-Star game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim? +187 for Yes and -275 for No.

With all the heavy hitters on both the AL and NL lineups, will someone hit a grand slam? +380 if a player hits a grand salami and -800 if no one does.

Will there be back to back homers (in the same inning)? +310 if there are two-consecutive dingers in the same inning and -600 if there isn’t.

Here’s a prop with big odds.

Will there be a triple play? +1100 if one All-Star squad turns a triple play and -5000 if there isn’t.

Miami’s NBA team may have taken two of the “hot” players in free agency but the MLB All-Star game is the next big betting event of the summer – talk about hot fun in the summer time.

Have a good week.

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