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The Skinny On Sports Fat

We've got a new friend with a new site that we think is pretty phat, so we wanted to spread the news. The site is called Sports Fat and its basically a Drudge Report for the sports world.

The founder of the site was sick and tired of slow loading sports sites chalk full of useless info, so he decided to do something about it and created his own website of his favorite links. Its curator is New Jersey sports nut who literally combs the world wide Internets looking for the best sport stories from hundreds of sites and then hand picks the top links and posts them all in one place - its sort of like trimming the fat.

He was kind enough to include links specifically to SB Nation, Front Office Fans, and - which of course are the best sports sites on the web! So the next time you are looking to get the skinny on the top headlines from Fox13Now in Pittsburgh and the Toronto Sun in the same place, we recommend adding a healthy dose of Sports Fat to your diet.