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While cruisin by LAX this afternoon I pulled up to a light behind a black Rolls Royce Phantom with a license plate that read "WldChmp" with a Lakers frame and thought to myself, "Well this must be someone cool."

As I pulled up next to the saucy whip, I noticed a random older woman sitting alone in the backseat and was a bit disappointed - that is until I got up towards the front and noticed The Dr Jerry Buss riding shotgun. Looking awesomely ridiculous in his blond toupee and a colorful Hawaiian shirt, he was surely on the way to the airport for some fabulous off-season trip to the tropics - and all I could do was give a jealous gaze as I thought, "I want to grow up to be him." I've been in LA long enough to know its not okay to take pics of celebs - unless you work for Harvey Levin - but this was one I couldn't resist.


                                        The Doctor Rolls Heavy


As aspiring professional sports franchise owners, we definitely idolize the guys who run squads the right way - almost always delivering maximum enjoyment (aka "winning") for their fanbases, while keeping it classy and living the good life... So pardon me Mr Buss, but do you happen to have some Grey Poupon?!