Comment to Tim Tebow being a Creep,

Below is total comment by this nut job.

"Well, that's quite a lot of judgments from a religious guy who claims to have never swiped his own v-card! they can keep their opinions to themselves.'

I would say practice what you preach! Meaning you are judging yourself so how are you any better? Maybe you should have kept the OPINION to yourself? He isnt nor has he ever told you how to live your life. If so please post the proof, (meaning real proof him saying you have to do this or else) I dont think you can because it has never happened.) I hate the gators team always have always will, not even a (Tebow fan at all) but comments like this are from people who are uneducated and talking out of their ____. Thats all. Thank you.

Here is the full quote

"I am admittedly a die hard Miami Hurricane - meaning I, by my very nature, cant stand anything that comes out of Tallahasse or Gainesville - but this Tim Tebow character is really starting to rub me the wrong way. I get that he really believes in Jesus and is quite sure He is the reason that he won a national championship, broke tons of records and owns the worst Simon-Cowell-impersonating-haircut in college, but must he insist on telling us all how to live our lives?! The guy supposedly spent his college summers (aka offseasons) in the Philippines working in orphanages, which sounds like a nice idea - but when it turns out that he was there doing "mission" work whereby he was cutting dudes wangs in the name of God, well its a bit creepy.

Now, his excellence is featured in a pro-life TV ad that is set to run during the Super Bowl talking about how his version of the invisible man in the sky doesn't think its right. Well, that's quite a lot of judgments from a religious guy who claims to have never swiped his own v-card! As far as I'm concerned Tebow was an awesome college football player (possibly the greatest ever), who looks like he may end up being a mediocre pro (his Senior Bowl showing was less than impressive) - but I don't see how that at all makes him qualified to tell people what they should do with their life, their sexy time or the results of said sexy time.

We will expect all of our players to give back to the community and to be solid role models for the youth - but outside of sports talk, they can keep their opinions to themselves."

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