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That looks like a Gem Mint 10 to me...
That looks like a Gem Mint 10 to me...

Tomorrow is the big day as we will honor the quiet retirement of this era's most universally fan loved baseball star Ken Griffey Jr by turning around our basbeall caps in unison and hopefully setting a record along the way.

Griffey broke on to the scene as a 1989 Upper Deck Rookie, rocking a ridiculously rad mini-fro under his Mariner's cap (forward facing), paired up with a sweet blue turtle neck and some exposed gold chains. The Kid went on to become the coolest athlete on the planet for most of the 90's, not named Michael Jordan. His sweet swing and knack for amazing catches made him a fan favorite from coast to coast.

After a move to the Reds, where a string of nagging injuries greatly hampered the second half of his career, Griffey returned to Seattle last season, eventually retiring as a Mariner earlier this year. I happen to have been at the A's Opening Day game last year when Griffey made his first re-appearance in an M's jersey and the crowd in Oakland gave him a full standing ovation. This is a guy who spent the bulk of his career playing for the rival and the fans in one of America's toughest cities, stood on their feet and applauded the visitor when he took his first at bat.

Its not surprising though, as Griffey stands out in an era of steroids and HGH as the guy who did it the right way - and was always cool about it. So, with that in mind, we will be honoring him tomorrow by attempting to set a world record for most backwards caps worn.

To join in simply turn your hat around and snap a pic - then upload it to our Flickr Page or just email it to and we'll post it for you.