2010 NFL Odds: Rookie of the Year Betting

Well, if things remain as they currently are, betting on the NFL Rookie of the Year is going to be pretty easy at your favorite sportsbooks – just put your money down on the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant and get set to collect the cash. This of course, is because Bryant is the part of a pretty lonely group – he’s the only member of the Class of 2010’s first rounders who has signed and in training camp.

The Cowboys came to terms with their first-round wide receiver out of Oklahoma Sate (which is amazing considering Bryant is good friends with San Francisco 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree, who held out until Halloween last season).

Bryant has been anything but a wallflower since arriving at camp.

Early reports are that he was “electrifying” with a number of “one-handed catches” during the weekend workouts…and oh yeah, there was that whole “Screw you, I’m not carrying anyone’s pads” rookie hazing incident with fellow wideout Roy Williams.

Don’t fret if your favorite team as yet to wrestle their first-rounder into a contract as a good percentage will sign before the regular season kicks off. But missing even a portion of camp makes things more difficult.

The fact Dez Bryant will have a full camp under his belt should bode well for the upcoming season, as he will be ahead of the curve compared to his counterparts.

Bettors have picked up on this and are getting some action down on him to be the “NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year” at online sportsbook SPORTSBETTING.COM.

They currently have Bryant listed as the odds-on favorite at +200. Said sportsbook manager Brian Taylor, “Bryant had some heat on him before camp started, but with him being the first guy to put the pads on and then have all the media attention on him the last few days due to that rookie hazing incident, we have seen a bit of a spike in wagering volume on him.”

- Another top contender for the award will have his work cut out for him in St. Louis. The Rams selected Heisman trophy-winning QB Sam Bradford first-overall and it sounds like they’re getting close to a deal, one that would be, according to ESPN, the richest contract in NFL history.

The question obviously is, does he have a shot at winning the offensive rookie award? He’s playing for the Rams after all.

Bradford’s NFL odds are currently listed at +500 to take this year’s honor.

All NFL training camps will be in full swing soon, some before others, and the stragglers should start to roll in, albeit late.

Dez Bryant has a leg up on them; will it make the difference for bettors backing him?

Keep an eye on the camps.

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