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Sippin On Some Syzurp

The old adage is that a bust QB taking first overall sets a franchise back 5 years, something that Bay Area sports fans are regularly reminded about on both sides of the bridge. However, JaMarcus Russell's Fourth of July celebration that featured an arrest for possession of codeine syrup over the holiday weekend brings out a new low for the former #1 pick of the Raiders who may have already played his last game in the NFL.

Although Al Davis, long the leader of the Silver & Black, has definitely gone off his rocker in recent years, we sure would love to be him today and be able to sit JaMarcus down to ask him exactly what he was thinking. Specifically, our line of questioning would sound something like this:

Well Jamarcus, a Happy Independence Day to you. Now what in God's name were you doing sipping cough syrup like a 15 year old at a 1997 rave?!? We pick up Lil Wayne mix tapes upon occasion, so we know that this stuff is somewhat in-style right now, but why in the world are YOU drinking it? You're rich, you can afford good drugs - and that stuff tastes awful. Sure, we'll take down a teaspoon of Nyquil once a year when we think we're getting sick around the holidays, but mid-summer casual sipping - that sounds terrible! The light stuff tastes like hell, so we can't even imagine what this Rx business is all about.

Its the Fourth of July, couldn't you join the rest of America and just have a Bud Light? Heck, if you needed something a little stiffer than a domestic light beer, then how about you take some of that gazillion dollars we gave you and pick up some "Club Weed". You play in Oakland, which is like the American version of Amsterdam - there is legal weed everywhere that is so strong that will make you feel like your literally floating. There are potheads working in the Oakland Coliseum clubhouse right now who have pot-brownies in their locker that would have to do the trick!

We get that you aren't happy with how your career has panned out, and, needless to say, neither are we - but we aren't intentionally giving ourselves hangnails or sticking our heads into public toilets, so why are you drinking cough syrup... I really hope you had a cold.