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QOTH - Scottie Pippen Piping Up

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Quote Of The Hour from Scottie Pippen - Spekaing on the topic of having Michael Jordan presenting him [Pippen] at his NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony later this week: "I figure if anyone deserves to be on the stage with me, it's him."

Whoooaaaa... Slow your roll Scottie. I know this is your big day in the sun, and I sure you saw MJ using his HOF speech to talk a gang of smack last year, but let's keep some perspective. There is a "Michael Jordan" regardless of Scottie Pippen, Bill Cartwright, Luc Longley or BJ Armstrong - but their most definitely is no "Scottie Pippen" without His Airness - just ask the fine folks in Portland.

Scottie was a very good second option, who had a few nearly great seasons, but if he spent his career playing for the Warriors he woud stand about as good a chance at making the HOF as Mitch Richmond. In the one season where the Bulls became his team, Pippen had the chance in the play-offs to play the role of MJ - but he suddenly developed a headache and became a barely serviceable back-up to Tony Kukoc, destroying any chance he ever had of being considered a truly great player. He does have six rings and Jordan never won one without him, but we're not convinced that was an endorsement of Pippen or just a matter of being in the right place, at the right time (six times over again).