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Why I hate Phil

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I wish you well Phil, but I know you are just gonna break my heart
I wish you well Phil, but I know you are just gonna break my heart

I guess it isn't "in vogue" to hate on Lefty these days. His "sweet as pie" wife and his mother are both going through the the hell that is cancer and he won a very emo Masters some four months ago. What's not to like about this guy? He is super long off the tee, he has imagination around the greens like a m-fer and he seems like an all around groovy guy - someone you'd love to watch a game and have a chicken sandwich with in the clubhouse post-round. My problem is that I just don't trust the guy to fully execute when he should. One of the greatest quotes about Jordan is that he "always lived up to the hype", if it was a big time game in a big time setting or if something huge was on the line you could always count on Jordan to go above and beyond what he was supposed to do in that situation and truly bring out the wow factor in doing so. This used to be the case with Tiger before the whole whores thing. I want to be clear that I am not taking anything away from Phil and his accomplishments which I readily admit make him one of the games greats, but Jordan and Tiger (pre-whores) wouldnt have dared to pull something like Phil did on number 18 at Winged Foot. They also wouldn't have pussed out when the #1 in the world ranking was there for the taking as Phillip did last week at Firestone. Everybody has written Tiger off and there is talk of him not getting the captains pick for the Ryder Cup(which is goddamn ludicrous), but my bet is that his killer instinct will kick in and you will see him, in one way or another, make a statement this week as to why he should be on that team. If Phil was in the same situation as Tiger is now I wouldnt have the same confidence.

Plus he has man tittays.