NFL Betting: New England Patriots Preview

When last we left the New England Patriots, they were getting their butts handed to them on home turf by the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady and company were deemed to be too thin at the grind positions and suspect on defense. They also saw their division rival New York Jets reach the conference final and nearly advance to the Super Bowl. It was not a banner year for the region that had become so self-entitled.

Fast forward to this training camp and the buzz has been electric. Both Tom Brady and Randy Moss have been exemplary veterans. Both superstars are out to improve upon pretty good seasons in 2009. Moss and Brady reported in great shape and football betting hopes are high once again in New England.

On Thursday night, the Pats took their act back to the same field they last stunk it up – at home. The Super Bowl champion Saints were in and expectations were high on both sides, even if it was only an NFL betting preseason game. With only the first quarter really of interest to anyone, the Patriots offense performed admirably, marching up and down the field. With precise routes and pinpoint throws, Brady and Moss seemed unbeatable.

We know it’s only preseason, but the early showing by New England’s offensive starters signified the beginning of what looks like an NFL odds renaissance for the Patriots. It’s odd to refer to 2010 as a comeback season for them when they actually won their division last year. But let’s face it, this team doesn’t play 16 games in the regular season to collect pay checks, they do it to reach the Super Bowl.

Sports Betting has the football odds for the Pats at 12-1 to win the Super Bowl. Those are pretty good odds if the team is ready to be one of the top AFC contenders once again.

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