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Loads Of Sports On TV Today

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The return of football to the landscape seems to be coming at the perfect time, as this is the first weekend in a while where it seems like there are more sporting events on TV than I can watch at once - which is a good problem to have.

Tiger never got going this week and although Phil is currently in the leader in the clubhouse, this years PGA Championship is being led by a group of young guys and one old school winner in Steve Elkington that have set up for what looks like an exciting end to the final round.

Between Hard Knocks on HBO and a nearly full slate of NFL pre-season games over the last few days, my eagerness to start the regular season has begun to peak - which culminated this morning with the Colts - 49ers game (as I'm an SF fan first). The pennant races in baseball are also starting to heat up, with possibly the most exciting series of the weekend also featuring my team as the Giants host the Padres. SF won on a walk-off last night and are currently trailing in their day game, as both teams vie for the lead in the NL West and NL Wild Card.

Add in the beginning of the Little League World Series, a big NASCAR race in Michigan, some Hall of Fame inductions, and even USA Basketball getting a win - and this is definitely the first solid weekend of sports viewing in quite a while.