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Favre's Flip Flopping Continues

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Tonight Brett Favre will step onto the field at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, once again suiting up for his "final season" (his twentieth) in the NFL. As a 49er fan in San Francisco right now, I'm happy to see Favre playing simply because it helps add some hype to tonight's otherwise boring pre-season game (since Michael Crabtree, Brian Westbrook and Frank Gore are likely not to play at all). But, as a fan who has spent the last 5+ years rooting on a team with a shaky situation at starting QB, I feel pain for the Vikings fans that have had to sweat out Favre's antics over the last few months.

We understand he's old experienced and that he doesn't want to attend need a camp full of two-a-days to get ready for the season, but it seems like he could at least come out and explain his intentions well before this point - instead of dragging out the drama on the fans.

Without Favre the Vikings are a possible NFC Wild Card team, but with him they become a legitimate Super Bowl contender - so there is no question that the fans would prefer to see him out there, rather than Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson taking snaps. However, it does seem like everyone in Minnesota would have slept a lot easier the last couple of months if he had simply explained his position and planned his return for this week.