What About Brett?

For the last two offseasons, almost all NFL betting handicappers speculated that Brett Favre was retiring. Now that we finally assumed that the he’d be coming back, he has reportedly decided to retire…or has he…wait a minute.

All sorts of rumors are flying from him deciding to hang it up, to still being undecided, to looking for more money and an extension from the Vikings, to possibly seeing Dr. James Andrews about his ankle that hasn’t fully recovered two months after surgery…and don’t even get started about sending text images of him in his crocs.

So the sportsbook have their hands full but so do the handicappers. The Green Bay Packers were previously the NFC North favorites, so the odds makers were already prepared. Expect money to pour in on the Packers even more so now that it looks like Favre is hanging it up.

Here are the two scenarios:

If Favre Retires…

The Vikings will turn to Tarvaris Jackson to take over and this again becomes Adrian Peterson’s team. Considering the amount he fumbled last season and how little he worked on it in the offseason, the sails will be deflated.

Furthermore, as the season approaches and the team realizes Favre isn’t coming back, they will feel fairly deflated to start the season. Football betting fans know that this is still a playoff team if he’s not there, but this is not a Super Bowl contender with Jackson at quarterback.

Handicappers who truly think he’s retired can wait. Right now, money is pouring in against the Vikings but that will balance out as we get closer to the season and the speculation mounts that he’ll return. If you’re betting against the Vikings, you should see better odds as the season approaches.

If Favre Returns…

Then nothing has really changed for the Vikings. They were expected to be a contender – and maybe the team to beat – in the NFC, and they’ll be back on track. Favre makes this team legit and they need him. Furthermore, the remaining Vikings who are going through the rigors of camp might think that they have to move on without Favre and if he comes back, he’ll give the team an inspirational boost.

If you believe he’s coming back, buy low now as the odds won’t get any lower on the Vikings. There are good price tags on them to win the division and win the NFC right now.

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