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Free Skate - Everyones On The Ice!

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On the heels of Aresenal further opening up their ownership to the fanbase and the Phoenix Coyotes well publicized financial failings, comes another story after our hearts about a guy in Canada who is working on buying a small squad with the help of his fellow hockey fans.

Sounds familiar?? Well, yes, it sounds a whole lot like Project Franchise, which is great news to us, as we figure its a good sign that there are fans north of the border who are nuts about sports as much as we are - and who also think they could handle running their own team.

As the story goes, Alan Kasperski is a Canuck (although it sounds like he's more of a Maple Leaf fan) who has begun discussing the possibility of a semi-pro Junior "A" level hockey squad that would pull together ownership of many Internet fans who would each pay the price of a tray of stadium beers for an ownership share. Before we launched PF, we did the same work, reaching out to all type of minor-leagues from basketball's NBA D-League and ABA, to baseball's MiLB and a handful of independent minor leagues, to football's AFL2 and even hockey's AHL. The feedback from the various minor-league commissioners, VP's and team owners we spoke to were all super supportive of our concept, as obviously they loved the idea of bringing in a bunch of new fans from the world wide web.

We learned in those discussions that there are a ton of good minor league opportunities out there for fan involvement in team decisions and have gotten ourselves moving forward with an initial vote by our fan base which eliminated hockey fairly early on and now has baseball running away with it.

So, we expect that Alan should be getting the same love up north and are hopeful that he'll make the magic happen and land himself a hockey squad - and maybe some day we'll get to play some type of intramural games on a neutral field... hopefully closer to our warm weather home in sunny SoCal!