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Secret Weapons On Stopping Dominant Players

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HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 07:  The key to stopping any key players.(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 07: The key to stopping any key players.(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I was going to write this later in the week, but I felt the need to do it now.


So I have been reading some of Bill Simmons' work this week (who is one of the best writers in the world New England complex) and I saw his one article about how his daughter happens to love the color purple (color of the Lakers), when Bill happens to be a huge Boston Celtics fan. And Bill got pretty mad.

Memo to Bill... there is a time in life when daughters rebel against their fathers, and it is happening Bill. She may just end being a Lakers fan and that would be crushing to the Sports Guy, but I don't think the Sports Gal would care that much...I could be wrong.

That got me thinking about more basketball and things and how the Miami Heat have been dominating. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have dominated as of recently for the Heat. 

For years, coaches have thought of how they can stop the likes of LeBron and Wade. Years and years have gone without anyone finding a formula for stopping one amazing player..or two. But, on Front Office Fans, a formula was founded by JAAJ (great name)... Next Page for formula...

Y= C

It is one of the most simpler formulas on the planet. Y stands for the stopping of such a player and C is the magic item- cheerleaders.

I have always thought to myself if you stick a cheerleader near an NBA superstar, would it make a difference? Well I say yes to that hypothesis (remind me what that means again)....(JK). It would make a difference if you put one out there and see what happened. Let's just say one for every hall-of-famer on the Heat and that would make two. 

Why has it not worked yet with these players?

I actually don't know...

But whatever it is, or whatever it is not... then it may work with Y= C


*I officially challenge Bill Simmons to a comedy sports write-off....