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AFC Round 2 Picks

After a week which included a historic upset of the Seahawks over the Saints and the Jets beating out Peyton Manning, it is time to make our picks for the next round of the playoffs for the AFC.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers

After beating up on the Chiefs, the Ravens will be heading to a hostile environment in Pittsburgh. Two very physical and tough teams will be facing each other, but the Steelers got a week of rest and the Ravens had to play a game in which it was close before halftime. Big Ben will be a big part of this offense with his passing threat and Mendenhall has been a beast on the ground this season so far. The Ravens will have to guard against both the pass and the run this week. But I think Big Ben will tear it up in the air.

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets: Patriots

Yes, I am a Patriots fan but every fan outside of New York would pick the Patriots to win. Tom Brady has had a career year for the Pats and is most likely to win MVP (Be quiet Brady haters!). With Ellis and Woodhead in the back field, their run game has been good. Revis Island will be ineffective because it is usually meant to shut down the best receiver  (i.e. Reggie Wayne last week). The Pats spread it around and will put points up in bunches. Antonio Cromartie may be the key factor to a Jets win if he can shut down the other side from Revis.


Let's hear your predictions!