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Game of the Week(end): Patriots vs Jets

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Patriots vs. Jets. Rex = Trash talking. Bill= Cool and quiet. Jets = DEFENSE. Patriots = OFFENSE

Get ready to witness the most amazing game in the history of the Patriots vs. Jets rivalry (yes, I said rivalry). 

Tom Brady is poised to go after his fourth super bowl ring since he was drafted at the end of the 6th round. Revis and the defense is ready to put Brady right onto the ground in pain. 

So let's go into a little game analysis here...

- Tom Brady has thrown more than double touchdowns (36) than his counterpart, Mark Sanchez (17).

- BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead combine for more touchdowns (18) and more yards per carry combined (10) than the Jets rushers (8 TD, 8.3 AVG)

- The Jets have allowed only (304 points against) while the Patriots are right behind (313).

- The Pats are 8-0 at home.

- The Jets are 6-2 away.

- The Jets have won 1 in a row, while the Pats have won 8 in a row.

- The last time Tom Brady threw for 4 touchdowns in a game was in the win vs. the Jets in week 13.

- The series record between the two teams are 51-51-1.

- The Pats have won 13 of the last 17 meetings.

There have been records broken by Brady and the Pats:


- 28 wins in a row at home.

- 335 pass attempts in a row without interception.

- 9 game with two+ touchdowns and no picks.


- Fewest turnovers in modern day 16 game (10)

- Least interceptions in season (1 by Hoyer and 4 by Brady)

I have to say the Jets are a team that could very well silence the critics (and make Rex louder). Revis and Cromartie have the ability to be shut down corners, but since the Pats have such a balanced passing attack with Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Danny Woodhead, Rob Gronk, Aaron Hernandez and more, they need everyone to help out. Revis Island won't work out this week. 

I see the Patriots mixing it up with run and pass this week using Green- Ellis for more power runs and Woodhead with a lot of screen passes. The Jets may be thinking less blitz this week because of Tom Brady's potential to pick apart a defense and create a new play unlike most of the other QB's (not Brees and P. Manning). 

On the other side of the ball for the Jets, keeping turnovers to a minimum will be key to winning this game and keeping Brady of off the field. The Patriots have been a beast on defense at creating turnovers with the Pats having 25 Interceptions this year. Devin McCourty, the rookie, has had 7 interceptions this year.

Pick: Patriots

Too strong at protecting the ball on offense and creating them on defense. Jets' defense can't stop Brady.

As always. let's hear your predictions!