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The Development of a Point Guard

We have seen many point guard from the 1st pick of the draft to a later pick in it be very successful. Some point guards have been busts. We will take a deeper dive into why and how one point guard came to became a amazing player after most thought he would just be decent.

Rajon Rondo:

Rondo was picked #21 and the rights were traded to Boston. He was not a great shooter, and his other abilities were not good enough to cancel out his shooting issues. People in Boston expected Rondo to be a average player on a Celtics team. 

His coach is the ex-NBA Point Guard, Doc Rivers. Rivers is one of the best coaches at teaching the game to be how it is. Doc played a huge part in developing Rondo as he could take his in-game experiences from when he played and teach them to Rondo. Doc also played with the Big Three of the old Celtics so he learned from the greats, i.e. Larry Bird. 

When the Big Three Era started, he got experienced and veteran players all around him. Sam Cassell helped out Rondo as much as Doc did as Sam was 39 and had gone through countess years of NBA play. Sam had once been a stand out player in this league and he could share that with Rondo.


So there are a couple key factors to developing a great NBA point guard (Possibly from zero-to-hero).

1) Coach- You coach needs to have in game experience whether that means playing guard in the NBA or coaching for countless number of years. (Doc and Rondo, Bryon Scott and Paul, Sloan and Williams) Coaches teach you more stuff than you know so a good coach will continue to push you even harder.

2) Veteran Players- Veteran players are so important because they teach so much important lessons and skills to a younger point guard (or for that matter, anyone). (Cassell and Rondo, Moochie Norris and Chris Paul) No one knows Moochie but he was 37 at the time of Paul's rookie year and with age comes experience.

3) Skill- Admit it, you can't go for zero to hero if you don't have at least some skill.