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The T-Wolves could be good... with help

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After watching the Celtics vs Timberwolves game, I noticed one of the best rebounders in this decade so far. His name is Kevin Love. He pulled 24 rebounds and scored 12 points to go along with it. Since I love the T-Wolves for the Garnett trade, I will say they have a talented kid on the team. He has also grabbed double digits in rebounds in the last 21 games and has had a 30-30 game. Not bad for a kid who is 8th in all-star voting for forwards in the Western Conference. Heck, even I didn't really know about him before this season.

After trading away big Al Jefferson (who I saw in person this summer), I thought this would be a team in complete rebuilding (and they are), yet I think they could be very good with help. The only one contributing is Michael Beasley who is averaging a team leading 22 points per game and has the ability to go for 30 in a game. But they are missing a good key piece in their lineup, a point guard. No offense to Luke Ridnour, but he can not lead a team to a playoff birth. They need a strong point guard and they can't keep hoping Flynn/ Rubio become saviors along with Love.

This is a stretch but they could go for Chris Paul by offering a combo of Flynn, Johnson and a 1st round pick. They have to get serious and since giving (yes, giving) Kevin Garnett to the Celtics, they have not had a real superstar.

So it's up to them, if they want CP3 or not. I think yes but if the T-Wolves like losing, they can keep going that way. They are pretty bad at 9-21, but have a great big man in the middle. Minny is cold right now, but they could warm up with this.