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Rajon Rondo and the Quest for Excellence

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Admit it NBA and all fans, Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics is a superstar. There is no saying "no" or "maybe" when someone ask "Is Rondo a superstar?" It is just a plain "YES".

He is the fuel in the Celtics offense and their second most important player on defense next to Kevin Garnett. He is averaging 14 assists per game and has 3.5 more APG than the second player in the assists leaders, Steve Nash. Rondo is averaging 10.7 PPG along with his 14 APG. It is next to amazing and the Phoenix Suns, who drafted Rondo but gave the rights to Boston, must be wondering how good they could be with him.

The most impressive stat line during the Celtics season for Rondo was his early-January game vs. San Antonio Spurs. 12 points, 22 assists, 10 rebounds and 6 steals. Yes, that is only 4 steals away from the NBA's fifth ever quadruple-double. He may be the closest to one all of this year and maybe even in year's past.

Welcome Rajon Rondo to the class of superstars in the NBA. It includes Lebron, Kobe and Wade.

I know the Boston fans love you. The good thing is that other fans hate you (Don't worry, it means you are good). Boston is in a warm winter right now and Rondo is just making it that much warmer.