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New Features Coming to Front Office Fans and the Rest of the Sports World

Up-coming excitement? Oh yeah!  (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Up-coming excitement? Oh yeah! (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Project Franchise crew is bringing some new concepts over to Front Office Fans. From LeBron James "The Decision" to the comeback story of the Michael Vick, this past sports year was pretty interesting. Kevin Love has captured the hearts of rebounders (and me) and SBNation is now my favorite site. Some of these people/things will be seen in the 1st new feature, but take a look at all of the new stuff we plan to roll out!

Front Office Fans Awards

The FOF Awards are awards giving out to random athletes in sports and different blogs around the sports world. Some of the things we will be giving awards to are funniest team moments, best player games, best fan on SBNation, best blog around the whole sports blogging network and much, much more. Anyone from the San Diego Padres to the New England Patriots could be honored, and a special award will be giving out at the end.

FanPost of the Month

We will be picking the best fanpost from all around SBNation and having it go onto Front Office Fans (with their approval). So write your fanposts on any blog on SBNation and it could get some extra ink.


We will be taking any questions to do with sports in the middle of February to post on

Thanks and keep checking into - spread it to all your sports fan friends.