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Trash Talking and Loudmouth All-Stars

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When I did my daily searching of sports stories, I found an interesting one regarding how Rex Ryan was praising Peyton Manning and "dissing" Tom Brady. We all know Rex loves to talk and I decided, let's see the ultimate trash talkers and loudmouths in the current age of sports. (Not in any order)

Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics

Garnett is a pro at trash talking. He could go into the hall of fame of trash talking. He just can't get enough of it and can't stop himself. He has talked all of his basketball career and who knows about before the NBA. Could it be that he came directly from high school. The world may never know... The two big moments lately that remind me of his talking is when he called Charlie V. of the Detroit Pistons a "cancer patient" and when he got onto his knees in front of Bayless while playing against the Portland Trail Blazers. Even a third one comes  to me when he was clapping in the face of Calderon. Jease, this guy is an idol for future trash talkers.

Rex Ryan, New York Jets

Rex says ANYTHING that he wants to. He will make fun of different players such as Tom Brady and other people who he does not like. He leads up to the biggest games talking his mouth off to the media. The only problem is that he can't defend his words because the Jets struggle ALOT. They got blown out by the New England Patriots after weeks of mouthing off about them. At least Garnett is a future hall of famer.. unlike someone.

Sean Avery, New York Rangers

I am not a huge NHL fan, so I want NHL fans to correct me if I am wrong (they tell me I am not wrong much). Sean Avery is a traveling piece of talking trash (or trash talker). He may just be the most hated "kid" (I call everyone a kid) in all of the NHL. He mouths off to another player and creates a nice, big fight (Don't worry, I look at them on Youtube). Classic NHL players.. I just wish NBA players could check other players without getting a foul.

Charles Barkley, TNT (He is too much of an old man to play)

He is not as much of a trash talker as he is of a loud mouth. He gets people to watch him before every game on TNT and he criticizes players/coaches whenever he wishes to. Let's flash back... Charles Barkley vs. Dick Bavetta. It was a classic race back at the All-Star game of who-knows-when and Barkley was talking crap about how he was going to win. And guess who won... DICK BAVETTA, BOOM ROASTED

So these guys are just a sample of the trash talkers in the sports world. Well, I should include myself to that long list because of my XBOX Live trash talking abilities. I bet everyone talks trash on XBOX Live. 

Well anyways, trash talking is a part of sports. Maybe, they should have a All-Star Trash Talkers game. I could see that not happening.