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Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

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MJ and Kobe have possibly been two of the best players in their repective time periods. But what would happen if they played each other... we will find out. **(as of before this season started)

Offensive Power:

Both of these players have been shooting the ball lights out. MJ has shot the ball nearly 50% and Kobe has shot the ball 45%. As you can see, they both make about half of their shots. Jordan produces greater offense power as he scored 30 PPG during his career with a whopping 37 PPG in the 86-87 season. Kobe scored about 25 PPGin his career with his best season being 35.4 PPG. We can see that Michael scores more per game while having a better field goal percentage. Jordan also played against good defenses. Kobe may have scored 81 points in a game that season (06-07) but that was against the 2nd worst defense in the league (Raptors who let up 104 PPG) That is why the winner of this section is: Michael Jordan

Go to to find out who wins the 1-1 battle.