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C'mon Kobe - You're Better Than That.

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I just watched the video of Kobe Bryant uttering an alleged homophobic slur after getting t'd up in Tuesday's game.  I must say that it is disappointing to see someone who is looked up to by millions of kids across the world resort to using that type of language.  It is true that we all say things when we are angry that we dont mean, and if we are especially pissed off sometimes we may endeavor, consciously or not, to say the meanest most hurtful thing we can think of in that moment.  Watching Kobe on the court is inspiring, even to the casual basketball fan it is evident that his game (save for a select few players) is far superior to the other nine men on the floor. Kobe needs to be hyper aware of the fact that the excellence he exhibits on the floor inspires his fans and admirers to try to achieve a personal level of excellence.  I would hope that Kobe and all athletes in his rarefied air would strive to work as intensely to inspire with how they act off the court as they do on.