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Alright Brandon...What did you do?

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I awoke this morning and commenced with my normal routine of checking twitter on my blackberry, the first tweet that caught my attention was from a sportswriter I follow (Adam Schefter I think) announcing that Brandon Marshall had been admitted to the hospital after receiving a superficial stab wound. Brandon Marshall has been on my mind as of late as I had recently read an in depth article about the Darrent Williams shooting and learned that Brandon had been a key figure in that New Years Eve's festivities and its eventual horrors in which Williams lost his life. One of the main points that the article strived to have the reader takeaway was that of all of the key "players" in the Williams shooting only the fortunes of Marshall had seemed to improve. (Javon Walker's playing career has since fizzled out and he was subsequently beaten in robbed in Las Vegas, the shooter of Williams received a life term in prison etc,) My initial thought after learning that it was his wife that had stabbed him was that the aforementioned article had spoken too soon. My mind immediately went to the question which I knew wouldn't be answered and probably wont be any time soon, these two have a history of not dropping dimes on each other. Alls I know is that you really have to piss off someone, especially your wife, in order for them to want to stab you. There are some obvious reasons that come to mind as to why she might've done it, does anybody have any inside info? What do you think Brandon did in order for his wife to have shanked him?