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Will EA Sports let fans do the (previously) unthinkable?

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EA Sports publishes the uber popular Madden NFL video game franchise, the company is currently in the midst of an backed contest that will allow the fans determine who will earn the vaunted cover of the game's 2012 edition.  The final winner will be announced Wednesday evening, and the two finalists are Peyton Hillis and Michael VIck.  Yes, that's right, the once hated, vilified, former prison dweller Michael Vick has a very real chance of winning the NFL's version of "Most Popular".  This situation brings forth some very interesting questions.  First off all, will EA actually let this fly?  If Vick actually wins the contest will EA change the results faster than a third world dictator who isn't particularly thrilled with an election's results?  Are the EA officials happy that Vick has made it this far in the voting?  Do they actually want him to win?  Are they subscribing to the "there is no such thing as bad publicity" adage?  It is even more interesting to speculate as to whether market research indicated that this was going to happen?  Did EA know before hand that this situation was going to arise and that controversy would ensue thus leading to more sales?  If they did you absolutely have to tip your hat to the EA's marketing department's  stroke of  genius.  At least Vick haters can take solace in the fact that the Madden curse will potentially come up and bite him.