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Cut List - Who's Gettin Cut From Our Team

Why I hate Phil

Why I hate Phil Mickelson

Hey Hey Hey - Fat Albert Having Trouble Making Weight

Albert Haynesworth's lack of conditioning is resulting in extra sucky fan conditions in DC.

Somebody Pass Goodell The Alka-Seltzer

Given all of the off-season incidents this year, it sure doesn't look like Roger Goodell's strict line of punishment is working to clean up the NFL - the question is, what will?

Heskey is a Passer, but England Need a Scorer

If England want to win, they need to take Emile Heskey out of the lineup in favor of a more prolific forward.

Did Jumbo Joes Shake the Playoff Curse?

Joe Thornton has shaken his playoff jitters......I think.

5/10/10 - Lazy Birds

The Hawks took this weeks top Cut List spot for giving up before the second round series even started

Dana White Right on the Money Axing Paul Daley

Paul Daley heads to the unemployment line after his embarrassing sucker punch attempt at UFC 113.

04/12/10 - Big Ben's Bad Day

Big Ben's haircut wasn't the only thing that had Steelers fans shaking their head at on Monday...

Screamin' A Smith - Snitching In The Name of Journalism.

Stephen A Smith, I have two questions,,,1 Where do you get off? and number 2 How dare you?

3/1/10 - Back To Boring Boxing

There is usually a bit of a buzz around Pac-Man's entourage when they come to won and you get a sense that something big is about to go down - but not this time, not at all.

Please Accept Our Apology, World

2/22/10 - Sayonara San Diego

It was only a matter of time and there really wasn't of a choice, but somehow the unceremonious release of LaDainian Tomlinson just doesn't quite seem right

Tiger's Presser - 15 Minutes of BullSpit

Tiger Woods' press conference was a total snoozefest...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Update: Johnny Damon Still Unemployed

Johnny Damon - still unemployed with less than a week to go before Spring Training.

Dunkin' Dissapointment

Last nights "NBA All-Star Saturday Night Sprite Slam Dunk Contest" sucked. It sucked worse than any dunk contest I can ever remember.

Super Game, Not So Super Ad's

While I probably dont have the grounds to question the marketing tactics of one of the most recognizable brands in the world, I was very amused by this sports themed spoof ad, that I think plays much more to the actual viewing audience.

Tim Tebow Is A Total Creep

Tim Tebow Is A Total Creep - I get that he really believes in Jesus and is quite sure He is the reason that he won a national championship, broke tons of records and owns the worst Simon-Cowell-impersonating-haircut in college, but must he insist on telling us all how to live our lives?!

2/1/10 - Bash Brother Getting Bashed

Apparently Canseco watched Walker's rookie beat down of Greg Nagy this weekend and somehow thinks that it makes perfect sense for him to be up next.

John Terry: A Real A-hole

Tiger Woods might have been a scumbag, but he ain't got nothing on English soccer player, John Terry.

Message to ESPN: Fire Paul Shirley

Paul Shirley sucks. Let's get him fired.

It Sucks To Be Johnny Damon

A look at how Johnny Damon's free agency hasn't quite worked out according to plan.

Minnesota and Favre Can Only Blame Themselves

New Orleans defeated the Vikings 31-28 on Sunday night to Earn their spot in the Super Bowl. Favre and the Vikings only have themselves to blame.

1/18/19 - Bye Bye Buffet

Fresh off the demolition of my beloved Orange Bowl, the folks who call the shots at the stadiums around the Miami area have pulled out another gem selling the naming rights to the new home of the Hurricanes to the never before heard of "Sun Life Financial".

You Can Tell Just By Looking At Him That...

Mike Nolan out of a job again - big surprise, the guy is one of the biggest jerks ever.

Limit Fans Influence??? FOF Says Cork it Shuttlesworth!

Fans sick of players complaining about fan voting for All-Star games...

Love is Blind: Jason Whitlock and Brett Favre

If you think you love Brett Favre you haven't read much of Jason Whitlock.

Rex Ryan's Arrogance Becoming Annoying

Rex Ryan thinks Darrelle Revis should have won the Defensive Player of the Year award. Too bad he went about it like a jackass.

1/11/10 - Bye Bye Boxing

Bye Bye Boxing - As MMA gets bigger and draws a much better, younger audience thats bred for a future, boxing appears much like the woozy, punch drunk aging fighter entering his last round - and just when it seemed like he had an opening to throw one last haymaker he tripped and stumbled and very well my be down for the count.

The "Admitting to Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs Checklist"

Mark Finally Admits It...

Big Mac fesses up - will Barry Bonds?

The Coach on Player Violence Epidemic...?

College Football coaching violence is now becoming more prevelant, is it something new or is it simply just starting to be reported more?

Lou Holtz - Say it dont spray it!

Lou Holtz is a knows a lot about football - unfortunately he doesnt know that much about talking/