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Fan's Eye View

Will EA Sports let fans do the (previously) unthinkable?

Is Having Vick on the cover good for Madden/The NFL/Humanity?

C'mon Kobe - You're Better Than That.

C'mon Kobe

Don't Call It A Comeback

With a nasty back nine on Friday, Tiger Woods has put himself in the hunt as we head into the weekend at The Masters - and it appears that golf's normally snooty fans are fully back on board.

Special NBA Live Chat

Live NBA Chat!

The Way The West Won

The All-Star game in LA brought the stars to Staples Center, but by the end of the game it was the superstars on the court who showed they were ready to play for real.

Blue Jays Doing Right By Their Fans

A look at a team going above and beyond to reconnect with their future generation of fans.

Brett Favre: One Fan's Thoughts

Brett Favre - One Fan Looks Back

The Knicks Need Another Superstar But Not Carmelo

The Knicks are looking to add Carmelo Anthony to team up with Amar'e Stoudemire. The question is does it really make them a better team?

Clifton Phifer Lee - You Are My Hero

16 hours after the news first dropped, this writer is still over the moon about Cliff Lee's decision to join the Phillies.

Rumors, Innuendos and Heartbreak - Jon Gruden At The Top Of Miami Fans Holiday Wish List

The Jon Gruden hype surrounding the Miami coaching vacancy yesterday set up a lot like Christmas Eve, but since there was nothing beneath the tree this morning, Canes fans will now be stuck to their TV's watching tonight's Monday Night Football game for clues on Chucky's next move.

As the Giants Celebrate, Baseball Fans Prepare for the Winter

A recap of the Giants World Series victory and a look ahead to the off-season

OKC Thunder Look Poised To Take The Next Step

Oklahoma City began their 2010-11 season last night against the Bulls. In an impressive victory they looked poised to build on last season's achievements.

Incredible Sports Weekends Continue to One-Up Themselves

A memorable sports weekend lies ahead with certain eliminations in the MLB playoffs and a monstrous UFC Heavyweight clash.

The Sports Weekend Starts Early

The Sports Weekend Starts Early - tonight's coverage starts with playoff baseball, then moves into top college football and ends with some pre-season hoops... it's an early Thursday night Thanksgiving Feast for sports fans.

Yankees Fans Shaking In Their Pinstripes

Yankees Fans Shaking In Their Pinstripes - NY fans have been treated to an unmatched run of champions, so it must be kind of shocking for them to now be on the brink of playoff elimination.

Lincecum vs Halladay = When One Run Is High Scoring

For baseball purists, Lincecum vs Halladay is as great a match-up as we've seen in many years and should shape up to be a very enjoyable viewing experience for the fans.

5 Non-Heat Related Questions As NBA Season Gets Ready for Tip-Off

The Miami Heat have been the league's biggest story throughout all of training camp in pre-season. There are other questions however that will be answered however as we enter the 2010-2011 NBA season.

A Tale of One City (and two teams)

A Tale of One City (and two teams) - The 2005 draft and subsequent coaching and personnel moves of the Giants and 49ers have left San Francisco fans divided between joy and pain.

A Fan's Dilemma: When Your Two Favorite Players Battle it Out in the Playoffs

How on earth does a fan choose between cheering for Roy Halladay and Joey Votto?!

Arsenal Fans Offered Ownership Shares In Soccer Club

A couple of weeks ago, the British soccer juggernaut Arsenal signed off on a plan that would enable fans to purchase an equity stake in the franchise, furthering to help drive the concept of fan involvement that we at Project Franchise value. While a nice idea on the outside, the plan unfortunately seems to just be a new way for the team to raise some extra cash.

The Jets won't make the Playoffs

Despite all the hype, the Revis contract and Rex Ryan's motivational expletives, the Jets aren't making the playoffs. Deal with it.

Loads Of Sports On TV Today

A Big Day Of Sports - For the first time in a while there was more good sports on TV than one fan could watch as there isn't enough room on our DVR for all of it.

Maintaining the Faith in General Managers

A look at the most interesting MLB trade of the week - Wallace for Gose - directly from a fan's perspective.

In Defense of Ruben Amaro Jr.

An attempt to counter some of the criticisms surrounding Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr.

Can Tiger Just Get Back To Winning Already?!

Louis Oosthuizen won the British Open at St Andrews this weekend by 7 strokes and it begs the question - "If a tree falls in the forest, but there is no Tiger around, do the fans hear it make a noise?"

Knicks Move On From LeBron, Rebuild Around Youth

While the Knicks struck out on getting LeBron James or Dwyane Wade in free agency this summer, GM Donnie Walsh has been active in free agency. He's added a star big man, solid veteran role players and a talented young core that should have the Knicks in playoff contention.


OMG ICHIRO! Never before has a fan been so excited for having a player run into them...

LeBron James And The Hearts Of Fans

Tonight is a Tale of Two Cities for the fans in Miami and Cleveland as the Kings move south changes the balance of power in the NBA East.

Call Me In Four Years

Well it was fun while it lasted, but the final game of the World Cup for the USA this year reminded us exactly why fans here could care less about soccer 99.9% of the time.

FANtastic Endings Going Global

A pair of amazing finishes to lesser followed international sporting events today have taken center stage in the world of fan excitement.

Game Seven Here We Come

A Lakers-Celtics Game Seven is the ultimate cherry on top of a long season for the NBA and its fans.

Scoop Jackson Thinks Kobe Needs To Step Up

Scoop Jackson thinks Kobe needs to do more and lead the Lakers to victory in this series to keep his rep from being tainted. I guess he must have missed that Game 5 when he had 19 points in the third quarter.