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Fans We Root Against

I am not someone who believes in stereotypes...

I have heard enough, Philly fans officially make me believe in stereotypes.


USC fans how scared are you right now? How much are you gonna cry when Pete leaves...I bet a lot

FanSpeak...What fans are saying about their particular team's

Adrian Beltre has gone to a better team for less money - do small market teams have a chance in hell?

Lakers Fans: Spoiled By Success

Lakers fans truly suck. Throwing foam fingers to show their displeasure is just one reason why.

Gators Fans: Guilty By Association

We don't hate Gator fans for anything they've done. It's just hard to root for Joakim Noah and Tim Tebow.

Cowboys Fans: The Annoying Optimists

Cowboys fans always think their team has got a chance to go all the way. That's probably one reason why people can't stand them.

For Pete's Sake

Sports debates...when fans try to fight fire with inane facts that have nothing to do with the fire.

Ohio State's Urine Filled Tradition and More

Ohio State has plenty of traditions. One of them involves piss and a lake.