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The Questions We Would Ask

Alright Brandon...What did you do?

Brandon, what's the story?

Can Mark Sanchez Handle the Pressure And Deliver Down The Stretch?

The Jets travel to Pittsburgh this weekend after two consecutive division losses. Can Mark Sanchez step up and deliver or will he struggle down the stretch again?

Sippin On Some Syzurp

Although Al Davis has definitely gone off his rocker in recent years, we sure would love to be him today and be able to sit JaMarcus down to ask him exactly what he was thinking.

Winning At A Price

USC has to vacate wins from their championship run, but can fans really give back the good memories?

Blackhawks-Flyers and the stats through Game 5

A brief analysis of the possession, shots and save rates in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Apparently Winning Is Everything For Cleveland

Mike Brown helped the Cavs become a major force in the NBA, but not winning a ring with LBJ this season meant it was time for a change - hopefully for Cleveland fans he is the only big name leaving town this summer.

Can the Washington Nationals actually compete this year?

A look at the Washington Nationals shot at a playoff spot and the impact Stephen Strasburg may have on their hopes.

LeBron Still Has Shot at Redemption After Game 5 No Show

LeBron James looked completely disinterested in Game 5 and had little impact on the game. As bad as that performance was he still has an opportunity for immediate redemption if he's willing to accept the challenge.

Ortiz v Jameson - quick thoughts on round one

Tito Ortiz vs. Jenna Jameson Round 1

Tiger's New Nike Ad

Tiger's latest Nike commercial drops, and he still doesn't answer any questions. Well played Nike.

Solving Barcelona - if I was Arsene Wenger

The keys for Arsenal to beat Barcelona in the second leg of their Champions League tie.

Tim Duncan Not in the Top 20 Players of All Time?

Tim Duncan is one of the most underrated players of all time. Dan Shaughnessy continues that trend.

Is It Time For the Celtics to Rebuild?

As Boston's title hopes continue to fade it may be time for the Celtics to begin rebuilding the team for the future.

What Were the Celtics Doing at the Trade Deadline?

The Celtics failed to make a splash at the trade deadline. They may have cost themselves at another shot at a championship because of their inactivity.

What Makes A Winner?

People are quick to label players as winners and losers. Circumstances more than not are the cause for a player's winning and losing.

Ask A Super Bowl QB

Just in time for the Super Bowl we were handed this report from, which showcases the Top 10 searches that "sports fans" have been running about each of the teams' starting QB's in the days leading up to the game.

If the math doesn't work out the way you wanted...

Baseball Prospectus projects that the Rays will win the AL East... NOT!

Question We'd Ask

OK Ron Artest, here is your chance to come clean, the truth will set you free. If I was the Laker's GM I wouldnt be buying the load of crap that he was trying to sell me, what do you think of Ron Artest's explanation for his injuries.

Questions We'd Ask...

Tiger Bro - the world has some questions - forget about Oprah and answer them here.

If You Had Tiger's Ear...

Tiger Woods - is his goose cooked for good or is it nothing a Major win can't take care of?

Question for the Project Franchise Community

Florida St lineman... Narcoleptic, Deaf, or just plain stupid???

Pete the Cheat?

Is Pete Carroll this week's Tiger Woods

Stop Protecting the Kickers

Why are kickers so protected? Being hit is part of football.

NFL Punishes Fans for Lions' Misery

The Lions actually won a game yesterday. Too bad most Lions fans couldn't watch because of the NFL's blackout policy.

Retire 23? I Think Not

Does Michael really deserve to have his jersey retired around the league? His arrogance leads me to say no.

Cowboys History Repeats Itself

Are the Cowboys for real? I wouldn't be too certain.

What We'd Ask AI

what we want to know now Allen Iverson

Question For The Project Franchise Community

If you have a FatHead poster on your wall are you automatically a Fat Dork

NBA Officiating: The Great Sports Cover-up

Tim Donaghy's tell all book will not be published. The only clear winner here is the NBA.

Referee Bias? You Betchya!

Referee bias? Yeah, we said it.

Agassi - Q&A

Andre Agassi thanks for being truthful - now we have some questions.

Idiot Kicker

Jeff Reed, the Steelers kicker apparently came to the rescue of his teammates recently outside a Pittsburgh bar and is now catching some heat. It turns out back-up TE Matt Spaeth was hammered and taking a whiz in the street (classy!)