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Lottery Picks - Who's Gettin Drafted By Our Team

For The Love Of The Game

Art Kehoe bleeds Orange & Green in a way that makes you appreciate the connection between college fans and their team above and beyond anything else.

The Value of a Great #1 Pick

Stephen Strasburg's awesome first game performance has renewed our hope that there are still some truly great "First Overall" draft picks out there.

The NBA Playoffs - Where Amazing Happens (In Less Than A Week).

Just a few weeks ago Kobe & the Lakers were being written off as over-the-hill. After a dismantling of the Suns in game 1 last night, this is starting to look like the Laker team of "old"

5/10/10 - Gracious Grant

Grant Whybark - gets added to this weeks Lottery Pick for selflessly hookin up a buddy with a free pass to the big dance

NFL Draft - Not a Mock, just Pass me the Rock

Who SHOULD be picked by the teams with the top 10 selections in the draft.

04/12/10 - Minneapolis Moving Day

Twins fans had to like what they saw under the blue skies at Target Field today.

Phantastic Phinal Round

Phil spent most of his career disappointing fans with Tin Cup style blow ups in the majors, but today his crazy play on 13 led to his third green jacket and smiles for golf fans everywhere

04/05/10 - April Awesomeness

Final Four - Once again the NCAA Championship Game helped prove why college hoops gives fans the best playoff experience in sports.

04/05/10 - Tigers Whiskers

Tiger came clean in his press conference, but it would have been a lot better if he'd shown up clean shaven.

Kobe In The Klutch

Kobe In The Klutch - With the game on the line, there is no one else in sports we'd rather have on our team than Kobe.

Adios Answer

Today appears to have unceremoniously been Allen Iverson's last day as a 76er which should be noted as a sad day for hoops fans everywhere - not just in Philly.

3/1/10 - Dance Dance Dance

Dancing With The Stars - The show is definitely targeted to 55+ woman and not really in our wheelhouse, but it has become a runaway success and they have consistently gotten better and better celebrities, which is a great thing for the fans - and with Chad in the show this season (and hopefully hanging on our couch), we may have to start watching.

2/22/10 - Big East Basketball

While the fan's in Morgantown may have a weird way of showing it, the parity in the conference this year has provided a ton of great match-ups and has us very much looking forward to what should be a heck of a Big East Conference Tourney.

Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez: UFC's License to Print Money

The NBA Post All-Star Break Awards

With the conclusion of the All-Star break last night it's time to take a look at how the race for the NBA's regular season awards is shaping up.

2/8/10 - Saintly Saints

Saintly Saints - While a lot has been made of the Saints, their improbable Super Bowl run and the joy that it has brought a city that has been to hell and back in the past decade, it honestly can't be repeated enough.

2/1/10 - Kobe As The King (of LA)

Kobe As The King (of LA) - as crazy as it sounds, Kobe passed Jerry West tonight and is creeping up to MJ status

The Kid Looking Young Again

The story from the Seattle Mariner's team trainer being reported today by ESPN is that Ken Griffey Jr has recovered well from off-season knee surgery and actually has trimmed down and put on some muscle - looking more like his old self than he has anytime in recent years.

1/18/10 - On The Rise in OKC

Without an overwhelming amount of hype or fanfare, Kevin Durant has gone from very nice young player, to near the front of the line for the crown of "Best Hoopster Alive".

If Our Team Needs Pitchers...

Showing a little bit of love to Dirk Hayhurst, who lately has proven to much more than just an everyday relief pitcher.

1/11/10 - Hookin Em All

Texas Longhorns - While it may seem a bit strange that we pick UT to be on our team only a couple of days after they lost the national championship, this is more of a body of work type selection.

12/28/09 - Roger's Run

For this final edition of the decade of our 'Weekly Picks', we're featuring the single person from around the sports world who deserve to be picked before everyone else in the Lottery Draft. That person, beyond any shadow of a doubt is Roger Federer.

12/14/09 - Arnie's Army (of fans)

Arnold Palmer - In light of the amazingly abrupt fall from grace suffered by the worlds most popular athlete, it seems very timely for Sportscenter's newest ad to feature the most beloved golfer of all time leaving even SC anchors in awe. "The General" was a great golfer, easily in the top 10 to ever live...

12/7/09 - Mr Everything

CJ Spiller - he may have gotten snubbed on the invite to NY for the Heisman, but we still want to show love for the best player in college football, bar none.

Iverson Looks to Turn Back the Clock

Iverson has had many doubters, including me, in his bid to find a roster spot. Let's hope he proves us wrong.

Big Props for the Big Aristotle

Big Aristotle, proves once again he is one of the most decent people in sports.

11/23/09 - Vinsanity Cured

Vince's feet are hot from running all over the Texans - or maybe this is some Ricky Williams about to go crazy again business.

10/16/09 - PacMan Can

Manny Pacquaio - The PacMan served up another impressive win as he took a casual first round and then pummeled Miguel Cotto for the next ten rounds before the fight was eventually stopped.

Ochocinco Embraces the No Fun League

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco - coolest player ever.

For RB's 30 Is The New Dead

Edgerrin James - good night sweet prince


Years from now, you'll tell the story of how Manu Ginobili smacked a bat out of thin air during a game on Halloween. No one will believe you that it actually happened. But here's proof.

11/2/09 - A Rad Postseason

ARod - After being known as "Mr May" for routinely having historic regular seasons and then choking in the play-offs, Alex Rodriguez has put together a post season run to be marveled at.