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New Fan City - Teams That Should Be On The Move

College Footbal Shaking It Up

There's a whole lotta changes on the horizon for college sports, with some fans making out great and some getting totally hosed.

Super Snow Bowl

NFL Owners decided today to hold the 2014 Super Bowl outdoors in New Meadowlands Stadium - and fans of warm weather teams everywhere collectively groaned.

Going Bowling All Month Long

Admittedly, I'm a college football nut and honestly am thrilled that Bowl Season has become a month-long, non-stop festival of games - but as I was flipping through the tube today and came upon the "Little Caesars Bowl" showing a Dec 26 match up between Marshall and Ohio, I had to wonder, "Who Cares?!"

Friends Across the Pond

Over in the UK this idea of fan's running a sports team has been around for a little while and we've made some new friends who are working on a very similar model as Project Franchise.

Detriot Shocker

Going Back to Cali

It's been years, but word is Southern California might soon be getting a NFL team. Which team would you pack up in the middle of the night and move out to Cali?

Raiders to LA

If we were Al Davis there are a lot of things we would do differently, but the first would be getting the heck out of Oakland and head south on the 101, again.