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All Project Franchise Updates

Farewell From Front Office Fans

Farewell From Front Office Fans - We're shutting down the blog to make way for some great new SBNation sites, but you can keep in touch with Project Franchise @

Sports Broadcasting Goes To The Web – And Sponsors Follow

Earlier this summer YouTube broadcast the Indian Premier League’s 60 matches live around the world and the viewership was impressive, but the list of sponsors was even more amazing.

Free Skate - Everyones On The Ice!

Free Skate - Everyones On The Ice: Canadian hockey fans banding together to get their own Junior A team, just like a cold version of Project Franchise.

Final Farewell To The Kid

We fell short in setting a record, but Griffey Day did get some awesome fan submissions and a bit of love from around the Internets.

So Long Kid...

Tomorrow is the big day as we will honor the quiet retirement of this era's most universally fan loved baseball star Ken Griffey Jr by turning around our basbeall caps in unison and hopefully setting a record along the way.

Lake Erie Crushers Root For LeBron

Minor League stunts are great - especially when they involve LeBron James making $1,600 a month to play Pioneer League baseball.

SBNation Regional Partays

SBNation Regional Partays - to support the launch of 20 new SB sites, we are having a Party In The USA!

Cleveland's Pitch to Keep LeBron

So Cleveland really want to keep LeBron and fans and citizens alike came together in an attempt to make a pitch to keep the King.

Atlanta Hawks Enter Offseason In Search of a New Identity

The Atlanta Hawks were swept yesterday for consecutive seasons in the 2nd round. It's time to make some changes to a roster that's remained virtually static over the last three years.

Project Franchise Scoreboard Update

A League of Their Own: The Rise of the IPL

Have you heard of the Indian Premier League? It's the only professional sports league in the world growing at an exponential rate even in the face of a global recession.

Choking with excitement for "Winning Time"

Choking with Excitement for Reggie, the Knicks and Pacers in "Winning Time"

The Bloggers Dilemma Turned Around

The 'bloggers dilemma' makes giving opinion and writing fact a bit difficult at times - luckily Project Franchise solves the problem...

What sport should Project Franchise buy a team in?

My New Haircut

And The Picture I Promised....

Front Office Fans First Year

Front Office Fans First Year - our first few months of the new blog by the numbers

The Local Story For Minor League Teams

This week a couple of our SB friends wrote interesting posts where they interviewed the local mayor of towns where their favorite major league teams have, or are considering having, a minor league presence.

Fan Photos

Our First Locker

We've been discussing the idea of signing up some former Fan Favorite sports stars to help promote Project Franchise - we'd love to have Jordan be the face of PF, but thats probably not very realistic, so vote on some of our early nominations and post comments below with your suggestions as well.

Old Skool Fresh

Doing some holiday shopping in San Fran, we came across a store with a rad collection of minor league throwback fits in a surprising locale.

Big Startup

PF on YouNoodle

We've set up a "Start-Up" profile on YouNoodle's beta site - its pretty cool and def a good place for budding entrepreneurs, investors, etc...

New Progress

The development on the new site is coming along really well - in fact better than expected. We are hoping to have it done before the end of October, or by mid November at the latest.

Project Franchise Updates

Project Franchise Updates - For those of you just getting wind of PF through SB, we recommend you check out our alpha site up at where you can read all about how we got started and what we're planning on doing.

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