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Quote of the Hour

QOTH - Scottie Pippen Piping Up

On the subject of having MJ give his intro speech to the HOF, Scottie Pippen remarked, "I figure if anyone deserves to be on the stage with me, it's him"... We think Scottie may be a little confused about who is Batman and who is Robin.

Quote of the Hour - Queen Kong

Celtics fans are taking shots at LO's wife from the sideline, but it doesn't seem "out-of-bounds" in terms of the rules of fandom.

Quote of the Hour - Kevin McHale

Quote Of The Hour - Kevin McHale was a great player and then a terrible GM - apparently his commentating career is on same track.

The Origin of Practice?

The Origin of Practice? So that's who writes these!

Don't hate the player, hate the owner?!

Earlier this week, SB Nation's Andrew Sharp asked a simple question. What's more valuable in sports: a great owner, or a great player?

The Miracle Kid

How awesome was that Team USA hockey win the other night? You can thank a 5-year-old for that.

Quote Of The Hour: Bash Brother Bashin'

Quote Of The Hour: Bash Brother Bashin': The QOTH was delivered by Canseco during his rebuttal to McGwire saying he wont stoop to Jose's level, when he called out Big Mac's tearful apology citing the classic Jimmy Dugan line as he sheepishly turned and looked directly into the camera - "Mark, there's no crying in baseball, you know that..."

Kobe More Clutch Than Jordan? Juuust A Bit Outside

Kobe Bryant more clutch than Jordan? Durant better at 20 than Lebron was? Not if you know anything about basketball.

Quote of the Hour

Quote of the hour - In coming to the live MNF post-game show from Candlestick an excited Stuart Scott announced they were in "The City by the Bay... some people call it the 'Yay Area'!"

Why the NBA isn't Tough Anymore

The NBA isn't as physical as it used to be. Blame David Stern and the excessive suspensions in place if players tried to police the game themselves.

Quote of the Hour - PTI Edition

Quote of the hour - Wilbon doing a teaser for what was coming after the commercial break - "And drop everything... It's Braylon Edwards!" ZZZiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!

Quote of the Hour

Paging Dr. Freud, Neil Everett calls one of Tiger's girlfriends a Cockstress on air....sheesh