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Run Our Team Into The Ground - Worst GM/Owners

So Long Senator Sweater-Vest

So Long Senator Sweater-Vest: Mixed emotions for Miami Hurricane fans as Jim Tressel resigns before they can exact revenge for the 2002 National Championship "Robbery In The Desert".

Investing In Football Isn't Always A Wise Financial Decision

Miami has spent another season being average and thats just not good enough for fans who expect a heck of a lot more from the team.

LeBron James on Clearance

Dan Gilbert: Comic Sans enthusiast and Benedict Arnold fan.

Italy's World Cup Squad is Old and Out of Touch

Italy manager Marcello Lippi's preliminary squad invitations for the World Cup will raise some eyebrows.....and tempers.

Josh McDaniels Ties His and Broncos' Future to the Tim Tebow Project

Josh McDaniels traded up to draft Tim Tebow to become the Broncos' quarterback of the future. He's also risking his and Denver's future on Tebow's ability to replace Jay Cutler and become an elite quarterback.

Say Hello To Ya Mother For Me

Fin's GM Jeff Ireland had to apologize to Dez Bryant for asking if his mom was a hooker - and its got us a little worried about what types of questions the fans are going to demand that we ask our players before draft day.

The Last Rodeo: Why the Bulls Should Fire John Paxson

Bulls VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson tried to fight head coach Vinny Del Negro after a game before being restrained. While he almost certainly get fired for this, there's plenty of other reasons to fire him as well.

Assuming Brandon Marshall Likes Rap Music...

Today Brandon Marshall got paid tens of millions of dollars to move to Miami - how has your day gone so far?

Joe Dumars, the Detroit Pistons and a Failed Rebuilding Project

Joe Dumars looked to rebuild an aging team last year. Unfortunately he hasn't made the best personnel moves during that time.

Trading McNabb is Ludicrous

Should the Eagles really trade McNabb? Only if they want to risk Kolb turning into Scott Mitchell.

A Tale of Two Franchises: Marcus Camby Heads to Portland

The Blazers acquired Marcus Camby from the Clippers in exchange for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake. This trade is another example of two teams heading in the opposite direction because of their management.

Childress Also At Fault for Vikings' Loss

Why isn't Brad Childress getting any criticism for the Vikings' loss? His decision making at the end of the game was terrible.

Turner and Phillips Saved From the Coaching Guillotine

Norv Turner and Wade Phillips kept their jobs following their teams' playoff exits. Did they deserve their good fortune or can they consider themselves lucky?

Something is Up at USC: UPDATE

Something is Up at USC: Update!!! The fans called it.

Deal the Nets Out...

The Nets Ban Gambling, Eliminate Winning of Any Kind...

Worst Idea Ever Might Get Even Worse

Mark McGwire's return as a hitting coach is embarrassing enough. Tony La Russa's new plan has potential to make it a disaster.

10 Things I hate about being a Raider fan

The 10 Worst things about being a Raider fan. Not for the faint of heart.

College Athletes: Still Getting Screwed

OTL focus on what happens to scholarship athletes when a new coach takes over a program...

The Least Rewarding Fan Experiences

Think your team sucks? Check out how bad these fans have it.

Bill Belichick - Smart Move There Guy

Bill Belichick is a football genius - however he may be seriously lacking social skills, or at least a basic understanding of how the world works outside of football.

Matt Millen is a Football Analyst. How?

Matt Millen ruined the Detroit Lions as a franchise for the better part of a decade. How does this guy have a job now as a football analyst?

The Jerk Store Called...

D-League owner puts the "D" in D-Bag!

This Bud Says F* You

Tennesse Titans owner and old school football guy Bud Adams threw a out a bunch of double fisted middle finger salutes to Bills fans last week as he dangled out of his owner's box barking at the Buffalo cheering section like he was a drunk redneck.

At least Al Davis is trying...

At least Al Davis is trying

Dear Tom Cable - Nobody Likes You.

Tom Cable - get the hell outta here!

Your Friend

Bud Selig is a fool and most definitely not our buddy. The guy looks like he died 3 years ago, and we think his brain left his body well before then.

Cleveland Fans Steamed, Ready to Protest

Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder made billions in the advertising world and has turned massive profits while still spending like crazy on players and facilities - but as good as he is at businesss, he is just as bad at football.

Daggumit! FSU Board of Trustees member shoots off his mouth about Bobby Bowden's future

The plight of Bobby Bowden at Florida State

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh - Luckily it doesnt look like Rush will ever actually get to be an owner of an NFL team as its being reporting that he's been dropped from the investment group trying to buy the Rams - however, we are quite sure that if he was somehow able to fit his humungous head into the owner's skybox...

Donald Sterling

Last season, Donald Sterling finally brought a true hometown star and clutch player to the Clippers in the form of Baron Davis, only to watch Elton Brand walk out the door. The Clips are a miserable disgrace of a franchise...