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Showin' Some Love

Honoring The HR Derby King

In an era of pumped up juicers, Ken Griffey Jr stayed clean and was still the most exciting Home Run Derby hitter every time he stepped in the box.

Another Reason Why Joey Votto Should be in the All-Star Game

A look back at a blog post for last December on just the type of great guy Joey Votto is.

Project Franchise - The Remix

The NHL's Most Interesting Free Agents

The 4 most interesting free agents on the market this July 1st for various different reasons.

Led By Ronaldo, Portugal Enter As World Cup Dark Horses

Portugal are flying under the radar after struggling to qualify for the World Cup. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Pepe and Deco on the team however, they have a chance to emerge as a World Cup dark horse.

ProjectFranchise.Org Challenges Baseball to Break Backwards Hat Record on June 24 in Honor of "The Kid"

PF and FOF clamoring to honor Griffey on June 24th by breaking backwards hat record.

NHL Western Conference Final - Prediction

Statistical reasons why the Blackhawks will beat the Sharks.

Canadiens vs Flyers: Who's Luckier?

Will the Canadiens continue to ride a ridiciulously hot Halak or will the Flyers continue to defy the comeback odds?

Exhibitions of Excellence: LeBron James and Goran Dragic Take Center Stage

LeBron James and Goran Dragic both had incredible performances last night. Instead of blaming the Celtics and Spurs the focus should only be on how the great performances by both players rendered the defenses useless.

Ernie Harwell Rest In Peace

RIP Ernie Harwell#fb#lb

Did the Capitals Choke or did the Canadiens Win It?

Did the Habs elevate their game or did the Caps choke? My analysis tells me it's more than just that.

Congratulations, Dirk Hayhurst!

Blue Jays reliever and author Dirk Hayhurt's incredible autobiography has reached the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Donovan McNabb and Patrick Ewing; More Similar Than You Think

What do Donovan McNabb and Patrick Ewing have in commong? They both have been criticized for failing to deliver championships, though they were surrounded by minimal talent.

Danilo Gallinari Gives Knicks Fans Hope For Future

The Knicks have been down on their luck for a decade now. Danilo Gallinari is finally giving them a reason to cheer and look to the future.

Jason Kidd: The Ageless Wonder

Two years ago everybody thought that Jason Kidd was done. Now he's leading the Mavericks to the playoffs as a championship contender

What would you have done if you were Massimo F. d'Amore?

Tiger Woods - are sponsors selling at a low point?

The TV Makes Me Care

Do we really care about the olympics or are we just letting television prey on out emotions?

I said Brrrrrrr - Its cold out here...

Winter Olympics - I dont usually care about anything ice-related, but I am sure that in the next week or two I will become a total expert on all things figure skating, speed skating and hockey - a regular Quebecois in sunny SoCal.

My Fan Flash - It's not a dance...

My Fan Flash - It's not a dance, but a cool new site for serious sports nuts

An Update on Project Franchise's Favorite Pitcher

Project Franchise's favorite pitcher, Dirk Hayhurst, heads under the knife on Friday, and a ton of Garfoosling's are wishing him the best of luck.

Brett Favre's Bumps and Bruises

We all know Brett Favre is tough. Check out his "bumps" and "bruises" after the NFC Championship Game.

Warner Retires With Hall of Fame Credentials

Kurt Warner retired last Friday with class. He ended his career with Hall of Fame numbers and as one of the league's true good guys.

A Happy Ending in the NFC

While none of us at Project Franchise are particularly big Saints or Vikings fans - and some of us actually can't stand Brett Favre - it is good to know that no matter who wins tomorrow night, it will make for a nice story for a deserving and supportive local fan base.

Knicks' David Lee Deserves an All-Star Bid

David Lee deserves to be an All-Star. Maybe that sounds funny to you, but here's why it's true.

Frankie Muniz is Devastated

Frankie Muniz is Devastated - As if it couldn't get any worse than being a Clippers fan, today we find out that #1 overall pick Blake Griffin is out for the season - without having yet played in his first real NBA game.

Props to Woodson, but Revis Is the Real DPOY

Charles Woodson had a great year for the Green Bay Packers. The best defensive player of the year though should have been Darrelle Revis.

Rodgers Gives Packers Fans Hope For Future

Still think the Packers should have kept Brett Favre? Aaron Rodgers is making Packers fans forget the old gunslinger.

Scoops Callahan is the Cat's Meow

Scoops Callahan is the cat's meow, and I want him covering every sports game from here on out.

The Coolest Team of the Decade: 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors

Do you remember the 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors. They were the coolest team of the decade.

Tony Romo Escapes the Choke Hold

After leading his Cowboys to a division clinching win over the Eagles yesterday Tony Romo finally looks like he's not overwhelmed by pressure anymore. Cowboys fans can now rejoice in finding a quarterback to depend upon for the next decade.

Why I Was Proud to be a Baseball Fan in 2009

While Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez continued to harm baseball's reputation, two others did a lot to bolster it.

Forget Kobe and Duncan, It's Robert Horry's Decade

Who's the player of the decade in the NBA, Kobe or Duncan? Neither. It's Robert Horry a.k.a. Big Shot Rob.