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Trophies (on the arm)

Superfan Jenn Sterger Sets Stage For Strange Monday Night

Superfan Jenn Sterger Sets Stage For Strange Monday Night - All the off the field hype has led up to what should be a very memorable Monday night showdown.

The Blackhawks are ready to lift the Cup

A statistical breakdown of the Stanley Cup Finals, with everything from special teams units, to goaltenders to breakout players.

Maybe things are looking up for Allen Iverson...?

Finally some good news for Allen Iverson, his wife divorces him!

"Off" Season Football

In my searches for alternative football options, I recently was turned on to the "LFL" - which most non-perverts will know as the league version of the Lingerie Bowl.

Brenda Warner - Like a Fine Bottle of Wine Getting Better with Age

Brenda Warner is like a fine wine,,,or a swan. She turned hot ok?!

Quote of the Hour

Tiger Tiger Tiger....SMH, or Am I?

Hey Tiger every cloud has a silver lining

Jim Nantz - How Could You?

How will you think of Jim Nantz now? America's gentleman sportscaster or regular old sleaze ball?

Coupled Up...Maria and Sasha?

The hottest chick in the tennis game isn't wearing your chain...

Seriously, what was he thinking?

Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss - As the NBA season gets ready to kick off, we thought would look forward to the new year and what looks like another Lakers' championship - and while Phil has got ten rings, he's also got quite a trophy on his arm.

Layla Kiffin